Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Clowns

A servant event team from Hastings, MN was around and part of their group did a clown ministry outreach for kids at our church. It was pretty cute! J wasn't too sure what to think of them but since they came running out with kazoos buzzing he was pretty interested.
His favorite part were the balloon animals afteward though.

This is our friend "Big M" with his son. It our and "Big M's" prayer that our sons grow up together loving the Lord with all their hearts. Praise God! The best part is, J and A do play together pretty well. J doesn't even seem to mind when A takes his toys away. I guess J is just freaked out by little girls....he doesn't seem to play as well with them (I guess that's not ALL bad! ;-) Deflated balloons are fun too!

All in all, definitely a nice afternoon diversion on a hot day! I wish there were more kid friendly activities going on in these parts! (or at least ones that I know about!)

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