Friday, July 10, 2009

Father's Day

Even though we had been gone (out of our house) a lot lately J decided that Daddy needed a camping trip for Father's Day. So....that's just what he got him (with mommy's help of course!)

It was supposed to be a surprise but I couldn't figure out how to make sure there were no scheduling/homework conflicts that would make the surprise....stressful.

We left on Sunday after lunch with family and headed up to the mountains.

J sporting his new t-shirt and Daddy wearing his from last year (why were all the Father's shirts this year so DUMB????)

J quickly decided that he wanted to do everything that mommy and daddy did in this new environment. Cooking rocks while sitting in the dirt is way more fun that pretend cooking in the kitchen.

Hmm...what's this? Note to all mom campers.....CAUTION: don't let the kiddos get too close enless you want black babies. Soot/dirt left on campsite grills does NOT come off with water, camp dish soap, or baby wipes.

J decided that he wanted to sit in the chair (we didn't bring his 'cuase it doesn't fold up and the car was PACKED).

Doing Devotions and relaxing J decided that the dog leashes were pretty fun

And I think Jack is his new best friend

I'm not sure yet if Jack agrees though....

After a long morning in the great outdoors the little guy was pooped. It was too hot in the tent so we made him a nice little bed in the shade.

Then we went on a hike for firewood. Have I mentioned lately that I really LOVE these two guys!?!?

Cooking again. Sheer glee at 24+ hours outside on this face I tell ya!

We almost forgot to take a picture by our tent

J had to help Daddy roll up and smooth the tent just so

What a wonderful escape. We had been worried about how J would sleep in the tent but he did great. The campsite we found only had 3 sites and was so quiet. A BEAUTIFUL escape. WE decided that we should have a monthly campout. HA....First I'll shoot for beating our "once a year" trend. The last time we went camping was Sept. 2007.

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  1. Sounds like a blast.... I'm glad that it worked out to go camping. Cute pictures!!! Jaden is growing so fast! Love ya guys