Thursday, March 19, 2009

While Grandma K was still here

Well, I realized that it's been about a monht since I posted any pictures! Whoops! The good news is.....I'm almost done with my Thesis!!!!

Here is some catching up for you.

Here is Jaden in his favorite cupboard with his favorite kitchen toy.

This is the "Wheels on the bus - safari version" book. Cool buttons that sing fun's a favorite!

Jaden likes to help with laundry. He is getting good at putting clothes in the washer and he's EXCELLENT at shutting the door! I just always have to check before starting a load to make sure he hasn't stashed some toy or canned good in there!

This looks like a "I didn't do it" face - blueberry lips and all.

Hanging out on the porch.

Playing with my school bus from Great Aunt K.

Eating pizza with daddy

Riding the Tonka Truck

Who knows what I was doing here - but isn't this a cute face?!

We now know when Jaden is hungry. He finds something on the shelf and brings it to us. Often it is cereal, sometimes crackers, sometimes canned green beans....I'm not sure if it is whatever he can find or if he brings what he wants to eat!

Playing with the cool cube

Grandma hung an Easter egg from my ear! One of my new favorite games is putting them into and taking them out of the egg carton!

Celebrating March birthdays with GOOD desserts after a GREAT meal at Landry's.

Jaden's first ride on one of these coin operated toys. I think he was just as happy sitting in it still as he was once it was moving and singing.

One last day of fun with Grandma at the park (for now).

Happy Baptismal Birthday Jaden!

Falling asleep on Grandma's shoulder to my personalized Veggie Tales CD (thanks Godmother K! - it's my FAVORITE!)

Awww...those are GOOD snuggles!

Celebrating my birthday with the hubby, baby, mom, and in-laws

Daddy and J reading before bed.

What fun! More recent events to come SOON!

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