Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enjoying Play

Maybe I should be doing more work on my Thesis.
Maybe I should be answering some of my work emails.
Maybe I should be washing my dishes.
Maybe I should make a list and go grocery shopping.
Maybe I should wash the clothes and actually put the clean ones away.
Maybe I should vaccum the floor.
Maybe I should figure out a real dinner from the few groceries left in my fridge.
Maybe I should do our taxes.
Maybe I should send out the birthday cards that have been sitting on my shelf for over three weeks.

But...I'd rather hang out with this guy......

...letting the sand sift through our fingers.

...discovering sticks and rocks.

...playing hide and seek with the stick.
...learn how to bury things.

...enjoying the simple things in life like water and rocks.

...pretending to COOK in the bucket.

...figuring out how to scoop water out without spilling.

...splashing everywhere.

...enjoying the swimming pool in MARCH.

...figuring out that wet grass sticks to your fingers.
...splashing and screaming with glee.

Everyone says, "They grow up too fast."
Everyone says, "They change so quickly."
Everyone says, "I wish they stayed young forever."
Everyone says, "I loved it when my kids were this age."
Everyone says, "Treasure every moment."
It is so easy to get lost in the busyness of every day, overwhelmed by the to-do lists, and burdened by your own expectations. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy life and the little ones in yours.....
I resolve to treasure the moments. All those other things can wait. Eventually the projects will get done, the house will get cleaned, we will not starve.
I just need to spend some time playing with my little boy and reveling in his discovery of the world.

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  1. of the sweetest posts ever!