Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Fridge

One morning we noticed that the freezer wasn't working properly. By the evening, the things in the refrigerator weren't cold either. BUMMER! $400 to repair or just buy a new fridge! So, we shopped around. Funny...NO PLACE in this town has a refrigerator that you can actually go in and buy and take home with you (unless you want to spend about $2000!) So, we had to order one and wait 5 days! Our old freezer served as an old time "ice box" for the few things we needed to have on hand. Thankfully there was extra space in the fridges at the mission dorm so we didn't waste all of our groceries!

Again, God continues to bless us beyond our wildest imaginations. We continue to be His "chiples." The day our fridge broke a man from Fort Collins, CO was in town. His church supports S. as a seminary student. He bought our new fridge!

Here is the new deal - with practically NO groceries in it! NICE!

(Even though I have not even really gone grocery shopping since my mom left there are quite a few more things in the fridge now!)

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