Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Parting Present

Grandma K left a gift for J to open after she had gone. He got....

A gas can for his red car! He carried around the house for quite a while and enjoyed it in the tub that evening. Now it's outside with the car and every once in a while he remembers what to do with it.
He also got a Little People airplane.

That made him VERY happy!

He loves putting the people in and taking them out of the plane...and of course, opening and closing the door!
He also caught on to the noises a plane makes pretty fast. Sorry the video is a bit long. I forgot to cut it before deleting it from the camera but you get some good VROOM action in the middle!

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  1. LOVED the new posts. Can't believe how big Jaden is getting. Glad to know you had a wonderful "family vacation". Those are always needed! Love ya lots. Hugs to the lil' man.