Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hey there. I know there are a number of you that read this blog that have little kiddos. I'm looking for some advice....

Do you know of anywhere I can get a good set of guidelines for what and how much food a 13 month old should eat? I keep running out of ideas. Jaden does well with most table food but, you know, sometimes mommy and daddy don't eat as healthy as we should. I want to be sure he's getting enough of the right kinds of foods.

So far the only types of menues I've been able to find are through Gerber and they just include lots of their name brand snacks and baby foods. If you have any tips, I'd really appreciate it!


  1. Hi! I have a three ring binder that Camille's doctor gave us when she was born. I think it has a page on food (like number and size of portions for each age group). Is that the kind of thing you're looking for? It's in her room right now and she's napping, but if you want the info send me an email and I'll email you back. I can also tell you what Camille eats (although she still doesn't have ANY teeth!).


  2. Have you seen the book "First Meals" by Annabel Karmel? It is my go-to guide!
    The recipes are so good that Mom and Dad don't mind eating them and in the back they have example menus . Throughout the book various nutritional information is shared for each stage of a child's development until 7 yrs old.
    Perhaps I should write a blog post about the book!

  3. i don't know if this will help. but it's worth looking into. :)

  4. Hi! My mom works for MN public Health and I asked her... she says she has info... would you want her to mail it to you?

  5. "On My Way Home" that would be awesome. email me at and I'll give you the address. Can I ask how you found my blog?

  6. hey - you commented on my blog bitsofsunshine, so i popped over here . . . thanks for visiting! and CRAZY that you know dallas! the world gets smaller the older i grow!

    two little tips that are easy to remember -
    i do know that your little guy only needs 1 tablespoon of any given food to get the nutrition he needs. isn't that crazy? so 1 Tbs of peas, 1Tbs of meat, 1 Tbs of carrots . . . etc. my kiddos are 4 and 5 and they really only need 2 Tbs of each food to get the nutrients they need. (love my WIC lady!)
    also, try for varieties of colors. that's a good way to get lots of nutrients. especially with fruits and veggies. something red, orange, yellow, green, blue . . . etc. the more variety of color and texture the more types of vitamins and nutrients you are feeding.

  7. Krysia, this is Elissa (dallas's wife) :) I can't remember just how I found you... So I'm sending an email with the information my mom has.