Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I have been busy writing. I have 12 pages done! WOOHOO! I think and HOPE that means the first Chapter is complete! But...on to more interesting things...

Since Grandma arrived Jaden has been getting to open lots of Christmas presents. He only opens one every day or two so at this rate, he might be opening Christmas presents until his birthday! :-)

He still LOVES the paper and takes it off bit by bit. This one was an Old Macdonald tractor. Here he is another day with another package.

This time a "Party like a Preeschooler" CD and a book.

This is just Jaden being a ham for the camera! I'm not a cheek pincher - but doesn't this picture just make you want to pinch those cheeks?!!?!

Here he is, our little drummer boy!

This kiddo DEFINITELY has music in his blood. He is always dancing or clapping to something. Now he knows that the Ipod clock makes music and he knows where the CD player is in his room. So, every time we enter either of those rooms and he wants music he just holds out his hand pointing in the direction of the player and says, uuuh, uuuh, uhhh and/or claps until we turn it on.

Another day, another present - this time a cool sock monkey
And today, he got a wooden duck that you pull behind you. He had a lot of fun opening this one!

Sometimes he's more interested in the paper and the box than anything

But, he had a lot of fun testing this one out too.

The tricky part is PULLING the duck behind you - not yanking it up off of the ground when you walk! I think he just wants to see it since it makes a noise when it moves and, when it's behind him, he can't see it! Here's a funny little video...

On Saturday we became the godparents of a cute little girl, Mia. Here we are after the baptism.
Here she is with her mom, Lizette

Isn't she a cutie?!?! And an adorable dress!
Mia and Jaden are buds. Too bad Jaden didn't wear his suit to the baptism - they would have looked so cute! Little by little Jaden is getting over his jealousy when mommy holds Mia!

On Sunday Jaden decided to help Grandma K with the chores at Grandma H's house. They got out the vaccuum and were cleaning I think Jaden didn't know what a vaccuum was since Roomba cleans at our house. He was pretty interested but it didn't take long for the loud noise to upset him. Maybe we won't get him to vaccuum just yet!

In our cooking life - we (well my mom) made Baked Potato Soup. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

This one is just because my husband is crazy. I don't particularily like this picture but I will say sleeping with a baby who loves to cuddle is pretty sweet!

And here is one of Jaden's funniest things lately with a little video from last night. We have a Mariachi Santa Christmas decoration (YES, our Christmas decorations were still up through last night. My mom took them down today!) It has a sensor in it so when it feels a vibration of movement it starts to sing a little song.

Jaden LOVES to dance to the song but he thinks that pushing Santa's nose it what makes him sing. Since we put it on the floor for him to play with he "floor dances" to the song and keeps pushing the nose to get Santa to sing more! I think he would play it 50 times if you let him...but after about 20-25 times mommy needs a different song!

And our other piece of news - GRANDPA K ARRIVES TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. He is absolutely adorable, Krysia! How are you these days?