Thursday, January 22, 2009

My How Time Flies

Some of you have seen these pictures already but, oh well.

Last Friday we went on a search for stars - the TV kind, that is. Extreme Makeover Home Edition was building a home REALLY close to where we live. The operation they run is amazing! If you ever have a chance to go check out one of their build sites in an area where you live DO IT! It is pretty cool! As you can see from this first picture, there are about 50 people working on the house (that you can see) at any one time. HOW they manage to not run into each other is pretty amazing!

We did see one star - Paige - up close while we were there. She came out to do a little interview and greet the onlookers.
Jaden thought she was pretty cool!

In addition to seeing the starts we also wanted to give them our mariachi CD in the hopes that maybe just maybe they would ask us to play for the family when they returned home. Here is the security guard holding it for Paige while she finished signing autographs.

Also, when we checked back a bit later we saw Paul talking to the camera crew.

Unfortunately, they never did call us. We found out from others in town that they had a mariachi play on demo day so we figure that group will be on TV. I guess we should have figured out how to give them our info BEFORE they arrived in town....oh well. Anyway, the show will air March 15th. I'm sure that you won't see us on TV cause we never saw the cameras BUT, it was just right down the street from us! ;-)
Here is Jaden sporting a new outfit that he got for Christmas. MANY of his old clothes are getting too short and it seems like he's losing a bit of his chubby cheeks and getting taller every day!

We've been recovering again. Jaden is either sick or teething and Stephen is miserable. We just can't seem to get all three of us healthy at the same time.
My mom just got here to help me around the house and with Jaden so I can write my MA Thesis. So, I have 41 days to write 75-125 pages. GO TEAM GO! I guess that's only 1.8-3 pages a day. That shouldn't be so hard...right? Here's hoping!


  1. Hey there...good luck on writing that paper and have fun with your mom

  2. Go Krysia Go!!! We will be keeping you in our prayers!

  3. Hope your paper writing goes well. Hang in there (thats what everyone keeps tellin' me anyways) ha. We'll be praying for you AND for the sick ones also. MISS YOU GUYS! Love ya too!