Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day at the Park

So, here's another picture of the new haircut (look, you can see his eyes!)...but in general it's just a cute picture of a cute baby boy! It was really nice here this afternoon so we went outside, went for a walk, and went to the park to play!

Since walking is still pretty new, here is a video of him toddling along.

Jaden was most interested in the floor of the play area at the park. He kept sticking his fingers through it!
He doesn't like sand either! He fell into the sand as he was walking around and he was NOT impressed!

They also have this cool little piano thing and above it there are songs written so you can play them. Too bad they are covered with grafitti and the piano doesn't work! But, Jaden had a really good time thumping the keys anyway.

And, he enjoyed the swing. We did go down the slide twice but he didn't seem overly impressed (and it was impossible to get a picture). And NO, he's NOT wearing shorts in this picture, his pants just got hiked up when I put him in the swing!


  1. Absolutely the cutest kid in the whole wide world. What do you suppose he is saying as he toddles along.

  2. so sweet! i love how he walks with his hands up in the air like that!! he does very well, walking. :)

    i will admit,i thought he was wearing shorts in that swing. i'm glad you said he wasn't! ;)

    emma played on those keys at a park in fargo once. they didn't work there either. maybe they really never work. we just don't know any better. ha!