Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Christmas

On Christmas Eve the Mariachi always plays at church. Here they were playing a great song after the service and Jaden got to dance with his cousins Bethany and Rane.

On Christmas Day we went to another church in town so Stephen could play the trumpet. Jaden had to show some of the people there his dancing and clapping skills after church.

This was Jaden's shot at opening a present all by himself! I'm glad that we saved one so he could! It was really funny! He would rip each little piece of paper off one by one and hand them to Stephen or I. We just let him take his good sweet time!

Here's a video - it's kind of long - but I figure AT LEAST Grandma wants to see (even if no one else does)!

And it was a FUN toy - although it doesn't make noise, so it's not QUITE as big a favorite as the play table with all of the buttons that make music!

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