Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Few Odds and Ends

So, here is a meal we made some time last week. We had mixed reviews. My mom and dad both really liked it, I liked it more the more I ate of it and Stephen thought it was OK. Jaden LOVED it, especially the noodles. Here is "Chicken El Paso"

My husband keeps finding the camera when I'm still sleeping. I guess I have to hide it better! But, it is pretty funny that Jaden and I were sleeping the same. Stephen says this happens often.

Here's another day of Christmas presents - this time with Grandpa K around to help open them!

What a cool tool truck!

When we all had our family Christmas (yes, at the end of January) Jaden enjoyed helping to pass out the presents.

He got a tool guy bib shirt that you see here and a set of dishes. I think this was the best gift ever. He played with the fork, spoon, bowl and glass for about 45 minutes!

Either I cook too much, he's a born chef, or these are GREAT toys!

He also got a cool new hat!

Again, interested in the dishes!

Last Saturday we went to the mission where Chris made us chili rellenos. Mmmmm mmmm good!!! :-) I say, he can cook for us ANYTIME!!!

Jaden got a new hat from some out-of-town friends

And, Jaden decided that books are way more fun to pull off of the shelf and stack than actually sit down and read. I think he has every single one of his books on the floor in this picture. There was no where to walk!

Jaden, Grandma K & Grandpa K have been heading to the park almost every day.

and, they even get some storytime in. Yes, he actually likes to READ the books too (sometimes anyway!)

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    I enjoy your pictures VERY much. I think the first of the park pictures makes him look so big and grown up! What a little cutie pie. Miss you guys and hope you had a wonderful day celebrating. Love you!