Saturday, January 3, 2009

What we did INSTEAD of flying to MN

Over the weekend after Christmas Jaden got a cold. By Sunday he was miserable in a way I have never seen a baby. He just wanted to be held, he had a bit of a fever, and he was so sleepy. On Monday he seemed to be improving because he was much more playful and talkative and didn't have as much of a fever but, since we were supposed to fly the next day and because his breathing sounded kind of rattely I went ahead and took him to the doctor. It was a good thing I did. He was diagnosed with bronchilitis and an ear infection. After our visit the doctor decided that he didn't feel comfortable sending him home since his oxygen saturation level was low (dropping below 90 even when we was active) so he had us go to the hospital. That meant a cancelled flight to MN and a rough night for everyone!

They had Jaden sleep in a humidifier tent that they piped oxygen into. Let me tell you...that machine is LOUD!!!!

We got to hold him a lot of the time, since he would sleep better that way. Since his oxygen levels were still a little low, the tube that you see over Stephen's shoulder is the oxygen. We just had to keep it close to his face to give him a little boost.

Thankfully, they didn't have to start an IV (though they tried 6 times!). They couldn't find a vein and finally decided (with some prodding from the momma) that he was hydrated enough and they could give him an antibiotic by a shot instead of by IV.

By the morning Jaden was already doing much better and had a lot more energy. But, we had to spend the whole day in the hospital Since they diagnosed him with RSV as well (a VERY contagious virus) we couldn't leave the room so we had to get very creative in keeping him occupied.

Jaden enjoyed looking out the window at the trees and talking to the people below.

He "walked" all over the chair since mommy wouldn't let him crawl on the floor.

And we got VERY good at the "throw stuff over the edge of the crib" game.

I just had to take a picture of this cute foot!

Thankfully, the 2nd morning the doctor said that he thought Jaden was doing great and we were able to go home. His breathing had improved so much, his oxygen level was up, and he was much more himself.
We're still giving him nebulizer treatments at home and antibiotics for the ear infection. We hear that RSV lasts for a couple of weeks so we are staying pretty low key, trying to keep him away from germs and getting lots of rest. Of course, he seems more hyper than ever and is all over the place during the day playing here there and everywhere. We guess that he figures he has to make up for lost time playing with his new toys!!!


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry that Jaden had to go to the hospital and you missed your trip. Marco has been sick all week and I haven't taken him to the doctor because he seemed to get better, but maybe I need to rethink that. Glad he is feeling better.

    Cute pictures and video of Christmas!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry he was sick...glad to hear he is on his way back to perfect health.