Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Long

So, I'm working on catching up on just about everything! I guess it is the time of year to try to tie up loose ends before getting busy with Christmas FUN! :-) My parents are there this week (and my mom for 2 more after that) so we are having fun with them. I am also taking advantage of Jaden having some "Grandparent Time" so that I can make some serious progress on my MA research! I need to get A LOT done in the next 2 weeks to even have a SHOT at graduating!!! But, in the meantime, I thought those of you who tell me you are ALWAYS checking the blog to see if there are new pictures of Jaden would appreciate an update! I hope this makes you smile!

Jaden plays with one of the coolest toys ever....a big new box from G&G K!

Last Monday I had to go to Mexico the help out a Servant Event group. I thought I was going to have to translate. It was I good thing that I didn't because I don't think Jaden would have made it the whole day! The house where the group was holding an eyeglasses clinic is VERY small and their yard is dirt and there are a ton of dogs. SO, he couldn't just crawl around on the ground (even though he REALLY wanted to!) He did have fun playing in the back of the truck for awhile. This marks Jaden's 2nd International Adventure. We'll be going back to on Saturday!

Apparently Jaden worked up a good appetite in Mexico because that night, boy was he hungry! Eating beans was QUITE an adventure this night. He got GOOD and dirty! But boy, were those beans YUMMY!!!

Beans over here, beans over there, beans in the hair, beans EVERYWHERE!!!
And, I guess since he was SO happy after eating beans to his tummy's content....I FINALLY got all he has learned on camera! He says, here are my tricks everyone!!!!

This past weekend Jaden got a new toy from G&G H. He's been having fun with it ever since! It is a truck that he can ride, walk behind, and play with. So far he mostly likes the wheels. Of course, that is true of everything...wheels on Great-Grandma V's walker, wheels on the stroller, wheels on the train toy, wheels on the push car, wheels on the car and truck..........

He did let Grandma K push him around a bit though!

So far, he can't quite keep up with it walking but, he has stood up next to it a few times, and he has been pushing it while crawling. I think he's getting the hang of it!

Of course, the Grandparents from up north had to bring a fun ski hat! It's starting to get cold in El Paso (there may even be snow by Sunday) and there are many more options for cool hats up north than here. SO, here is the little man getting ready for winter in his crazy hat!

I couldn't help it.....It's just too funny!

What do you think? Cute? Cool? Crazy?

Daddy seems to like it - but he did say...."when he goes to school you have to dress him cool." I said, "so, is this cool?" Daddy's response...."No, this is 'make fun of the white kid with the wierd hat!'" Hmmmm...... So, does that mean cute for a baby but not for an older kid?


  1. ENJOYED the blog update Krysia. Good luck with your MA project. I hope you're having a great time with your parents. Jaden just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I definitely think the hat is cool, cute, and crazy! :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Love ya

  2. That's exactly what it means! Do not let him go to school with that hat on once he's older...especially not in El Paso.

    Love the updates!