Saturday, November 1, 2008

Catching Up: The Trip Up North

Arriving at the airport Jaden takes a look at Grandpa K. thinking...hmmm...I THINK you look familiar.... But, in true Jaden fashion, he warmed up quickly!
Of course, after all of that time cooped up in mommy's lap we had to take a little stroll. Jaden even stood while going down the escalator!
It was Grandpa K's birthday the day we arrived so we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. MMMMMmmmmmmm......Jaden didn't get cheesecake, but he did try rye bread and LOVED it!
He also ate more than his fair share of black beans!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!
Back at the house we had a little time to play before bed!

The next day cousin Melanie came to visit and play!
Jaden had many firsts on this trip....this was his first time with his very own toothbrush! Mommy was TIRED of getting her finger mashed while brushing Jaden's teeth with the washcloth! He LOVES brushing....and drools ALL OVER THE PLACE while doing it too!

Jaden has been a bit of a crazy sleeper lately. This day he fell asleep in mommy's arms and proceeded to flip himself around in order to bury his nose in the crook of her elbow....apparently he doesn't care too much about fresh air!

Catching some zzz's in the car on the way to SD! We don't have a picture but technically this was the first time that Jaden saw snow...but it melted as it hit the ground and he slept through most of I'm not totally sure that it counts!
We got to see Great Grandma & Grandpa Brandenburg!

And at Jerry & Arlene's Jaden got to ride his first trike! Jerry's dad had restored this from when Jerry was a kid. It was a little big. But, with grandpa's help Jaden had a great time!

Back and Great Grandma & Grandpa's the next day Jaden got to see Great Uncle Denny, Great Uncle DelRoy & Karen, and Great-great aunt's Dee, Verna, Lila, and Elizabeth
I LOVE this one!

here comes the tickle bug!
Isn't my highchair cool!!!!
Jaden also "played" pool for the first time! He had a good time pushing the cue ball into the hole!

Then we went to Great Aunt Nancy's for a while. She has this cool pumpkin that Jaden liked from a distance but wasn't quite so sure of up close.

with Great Aunt Nancy eating some crackers!
With Godmother Kayla!

And cousin Lanae
After we got back to MN MORE people came to visit! Keely and Mali came trick-o-treating early! Mali was a basket of blueberries! TOO CUTE!
And Keely was a beautiful Spider Fairy!
Great Aunt Karen was fun to play with too!

Jaden also learned to climb the stairs! He was SUPER fast at it right away! We don't have stairs at home so he had to get his practice in at Grandma's house!
This was one of his favorite new toys - even though he doesn't quite have it figured out yet!

Reading a book with Mommy...

Walking around the mall with Grandma
Checking out the Lobsters at Red Lobster with Grandpa!
The last night before returning home!

Playing in the fall leaves on the only day it was nice enough to go outside (the day we left!)

One last hug and a Halloween gift for the road!

WHEW....what an adventure! We didn't even get pictures of everyone we saw or everything we did! We sure missed Daddy but it was fun to see everyone!!! We hope we're back up there soon!

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  1. It looks like you two had a great trip back home!! i bet your parents were so happy to have you. aww...

    how did jaden do on the plane ride to and from MN?

    i can't even begin to comment on all the pictures. thanks for sharing them. again,, looks like you had a blast! a very belated happy birthday to your dad!!