Saturday, November 1, 2008

A New Recipie & Another Baby's Grandpa

So, because of a lack of groceries in the house and a desire to try something different we had Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Breakfast. Wow, I'm sure ANY kid would love that right? ;-) They were pretty good although it was more like eating cake for breakfast than anything else! Stephen thought they were too sweet. I thought they were less sweet than regular pancakes with syrup. Either that means I always end up with too much syrup on my pancakes OR that I strangely like chocolate WAY more than I used to!

Also, we a group from Wisconsin came to serve at the mission today. Funny what a small world Lutheranism can be. When I first came to YLM as a missionary in 2001 I had to go to training in St. Louis. While there, I met Heidi who was going to serve in Japan. We have kept in touch ever since through blogs and email. She has a son just a few months older than Jaden. His name is Noah. Today, Noah's grandpa came to visit! He took Jaden on a little walk around the parking lot in good grandpa style! Thanks for lending us YOUR grandpa Noah!

1 comment:

  1. Hey ~ I know that guy!
    Noah's sleeping now but first thing tomorrow I'll show him the pic. I wonder if he'll recognize that the baby Grandpa is holding isn't him?

    We'll have to see about doing a YLM/Japan thing sometime!