Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adventures in Eating

So, Jaden really enjoys his food these days! One thing he particularly loves doing when eating is biting the SPOON!

Also, one of his favorite new foods is Advocado! Here is one particularily messy day and the many faces of advocado!

Here we are, just doing our thing and playing. Notice Daddy's awesome tower in the left...WAY fun to knock over!!!

And this is me, just being cute! Of course, I would be cuter if mommy could have gotten the black bean juice off of my face after dinner...but, my bath was soon to come!


  1. Marco loves avocado too! It's one of his favorites.

  2. I think Jaden may need his first haircut...he's starting to look slightly emo-ish (don't ask me, this is something I learned from my youth in OK).
    What do you three want for Christmas?

  3. oh my goodness! emma did the exact same thing with the spoon! i think i have pictures on her blog, when she would just bite down on the spoon like that. ahhh..memories...

    i'm so excited that jaden likes avocado! it took emma a long time to like it. it's one of my staples, so i kept trying it with her, until finally, she likes it! :) horrible, i know. :)

    as always, such a cute little one you have!! i love that he is so smiley all the time. such a happy baby!!

    you just wait until jaden takes the spoon away from you and tries to feed himself! have the video camera ready! ;)

  4. My mom, Sue Martindale, passed your blog on to me (I'm sure she got it from your mom!) and I love checking it every week or so. My daughter is just a month younger than Jaden and it's so interesting hearing that your joys, experiences, and even frustrations are so similar to mine! (Right now we're having sleep issues.) It was especially encouraging when I read your post a few weeks back about how all the random difficulties of raising a baby really don't matter in the long run. Sometimes they'll eat well, sometimes they won't. Sometimes they'll sleep well, sometimes they won't. In the end we've got happy kids who love us! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that I'm enjoying watching your little one grow and learn new things as I watch my own do the same :)

    jenna polzin