Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, for Jaden's 1st Halloween we didn't go all out. But, he did have a cute costume (thanks Jill, Steve & Marco!)

Jaden was a scorpion. It sure looked cute when he crawled and walked around and the little scorpion wiggled all over the place! Surprisingly, having the thing hanging around his neck didn't even bother Jaden! I guess he just knew he was cute!

Grandma H. came over to see Jaden after our trip up north.

Jaden was crawling around and after a little bit we noticed that he was pretty quiet. That's always a signal that you better check what he has found! He went trick-or-treating in the pantry and found 2 mini Butterfinger bars! Wow! I think he found the plastic bag more fun than anything! I'm sure THAT won't be true by next Halloween!

Grandpa H. came over to see Jaden too - but he was dressed up for Halloween as a Tarahumara! Jaden got a kick out of the band around his head!
Here is a better view of the back of the costume!

We had a carnival at the church so Daddy was dressed up as a crazy rockstar! Jaden wasn't too sure what to think of that hair and those glasses at first. But, when he realized it was still daddy, he didn't seem to mind.

There were lots of crazy costumes at the carnival and Jaden didn't get scared although, he did give quite a few people some wierd looks!
Here is Daddy and Ron
Miguel and Maritza
Grandma H. as a Tarahumara and Great Grandma Voges as herself

Grandma & Grandpa H. dancing to the DJ's cool music! Jaden was mesmerized by the DJ's disco lights and many times would clap along, and even sing with the songs! I think that this baby is going to grow up liking nortena and mariachi music! Good grief! I better keep playing other things around the house so he likes those too! ;-)

There were several games. Stephen somehow got 'stuck' being Goliath, where people would through a water soaked sponge at him and try to get his face! I think he had a good time (and I'm pretty sure all those kiddos and staff members that got to soak him had a good time too!

Here is Daddy and Grandpa H.

And, here is our family! There have already been at least 2 votes for this as a Christmas Card picture! What do you think???? :-)

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  1. would you ever have thought that you'd have a halloween without a snowsuit? ;) jaden is a very cute scorpion. i'm impressed that it didn't bother him to have that around his neck!