Thursday, November 6, 2008

This video is a little bit long but it's pretty funny if you want to see and hear Jaden "help" with the laundry and tell a story all at the same time!

Look, he likes to recycle too!!! Tell me, when he sees the dog, do you think he is saying "Jack" or "dog" we figure it is one of the two but we can't figure out if he actually says DOG or if he thinks a dog is actually called a Jack and says THAT when he sees other dogs too!

In other news, at 9 months (really...he's been alive as long as I was pregnant already?!?!?!?!)

- teeth 6 & 7 have made their appearance

- 20 lbs 11 oz, 28.5 inches tall

and a standing, laughing, chatterbox.

His new tricks are sticking out his tongue when you say, "Jaden where is your tongue?" Clapping his hands when you start singing "pat-a-cake" and throwing his hands up in the air when you say, "Jaden how big are you?....Sooooo big!" I'll try to get those on a video one of these days!


  1. he really is a chatter box!! he must get that from you. ;)

    i have no idea if he's saying jack. it'll make for a funnier story if you just say he is. :)