Monday, April 19, 2010

Other Easter Activities

Making Easter Cards.
Jaden colored some Easter cards to send to some special people.  Here is what we did.
I printed egg outlines on some white paper and he set to work coloring them.
Here is the finished product (I had to help a bit by drawing some snowmen around the edges)
Hmmm…silly me didn’t take a picture of the finished product!
Well, I cut out the eggs and glued them onto a cardstock backing that was about ½ inch wider than the colored egg.  Then I wrote  a note from Jaden to the person in permanent marker and mailed them.  Hmmm…need to remember to take pictures of the FINISHED product!  Grrr!  Well, they were really cute!

We also played with plastic Easter eggs.  I started Jaden sorting the eggs by color in egg cartons.
He had fun with that for a short while but then, mommy started making dinner.  He wanted to put his Easter eggs in the skillet and cook too.  NOT such a great idea.  So, I got out a bowl and a pot and some spoons and he spent a good half an hour “cooking” his Easter eggs.

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  1. I was blessed to receive one of these Easter cards and it will be in my "card" treasure box.