Monday, April 19, 2010

Jaden's First Children's Message (Solo)

On Easter Sunday We popped into the Spanish service just to grab a bag we had left in the church.  But, since Jaden had slept through the entire English service I guess he figured he needed to be in church more that day.  While I grabbed the bag from the back he walked up to the 4th row and sat down.  I couldn’t get his attention so I went and sat down with him.  He was happy listening to the mariachi and the readings and playing quietly.  When it came time for the children’s message he decided that he needed to go up with the other kids.  Usually I go up with him, especially since the message is in Spanish and he’s easily distracted by the other kids he usually plays with at the office.  But, this time, he walked right up and sat down in the middle just as the pastor’ started so I decided to stay in the pew.  Look how nice he was sitting! (front, center, red and blue striped shirt)

For his message, the pastor used a large box.  He pretended that it was SO heavy and that it had the very best thing EVER inside.  All the kids were REALLY interested.  He kept carrying it around, with great difficulty because it was so heavy, of course.  Finally, he asked one kid to look inside and asked what she saw.  She said “nothing!”  The box was empty.  The pastor went on to explain that just like the kids thought there was going to be something in the box the women that went to Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning thought there was going to be something there.  The kids were disappointed that the box was empty but really, it’s emptiness, like the tomb, was the best gift EVER.  It meant the Jesus had risen and was no longer dead!

Well, after having the kids look in the box the pastor put it down while he continued with the story.  Before long, my nicely sitting 2 year old was up and opening the box, then closing the box, then drumming on the box, then showing the box to the pastor, then carrying the box to his seat and bumping all the kids along the way.  Finally the children’s message was over before complete mayhem broke loose from my 2 year old.  WHEW!  Yup, that funny little kid up at the front making all of the adults laugh….on Easter Sunday….that one was mine!

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  1. this is the best story ever!! lolz. i don't know how you stayed so calm. i would have either busted out laughing, or gone a deep red color, with the embarrassment of it all. your little man is amazing. :D