Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mariachi San Pablo - Tour St. Louis - Part 2

The next day we went to the St. Louis Arch.  I showed Jaden the little cars that we would ride the elevator in.  He LOVES elevators so he was pretty excited.  Here we are in front of the door waiting our turn to get in.
Once we got in, he was NOT a big fan of the little egg shaped cars.  It was a good thing we had “Pablo” with us.  He was Jaden’s best friend the whole time we were there.
Looking out the windows at the top was a big hit with Jaden.  He especially loved watching the cars and trucks below.
The whole group
Me and my boy
And my man

That evening the group played at Zion Lutheran Church

The next day we had some free time at the Science Center.  This was a cool place but most of the activities were quite a bit over Jaden's interest level.  Although, Jaden did think the dinosaurs were pretty cool!
And he enjoyed looking through the window in the floor that overlooks the traffic passing on the interstate below.
The had a section with numbered blocks where you could build an arch.  Mostly, Jaden loved knocking other people’s arches over.  Oops!  Sometimes BEFORE they were able to get a picture of their work!
He also dug for fossils in the dinosaur exhibit
That night, the Mariachi played at the Concordia Seminary Campus as the opening before a lecture series.

The next day we had a bit more free time at “The Magic House.”  This place is SERIOUSLY cool for anyone under about 10.  The older members of the group didn’t really have much to do since the staff wouldn’t even let them check out the cool things since they didn’t have a child with them.  Sadly, they hadn’t told us that at the entrance and instead just got mad at the group along the way.  SO, if you’re ever in St. Louis with smaller kids this is INSANELY cool, otherwise, not a big hit.
They have all kinds of hands on activities and science type experiments for kids to play with.
One room was a “fairy tale” room with scenes set up from various books that kids could play in.
Beauty and the Beast
Jack and the Beanstalk
W whole town where you can “work” in the various stores.
Here is the mechanic
And even an outdoor construction site where Jaden got to drive the Bobcat with daddy

The next day the group played at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Des Peres MO.  They got to play music during worship and lead the Sunday School hour.
They got all of the kids dancing the “pato” and the “sapo” and had a lot of fun.
And that night we had one more concert in Washington MO.  This was a last minute addition to the schedule and they had over 200 people attend.  Amazing!  They only booked us one week before we played!!!

There you have it.  Our trip to St. Louis.  At least in short!

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  1. J has sure been on a lot of adventures in his two years of life. I wonder if he'll remember.