Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think it's official

I have an independent minded 2 year old on my hands who knows what he wants and likes to be at home.

This morning Jaden comes into the living room.
Mommy: "Good morning Jaden.  Would you like some breakfast."
Jaden: "no tahnk oo" (no thank you)
Mommy: "Are you sure?  Would you like some oatmeal with blueberries?"
Jaden: "no oh-meal."
Mommy: "Would you like some eggs?"
Jaden: "no eggs"
Mommy: "Would you like some yogurt?"
Jaden: "no yo-gut.  Den like a pitzah" (Jaden would like pizza)
Mommy: "Pizza for breakfast?  You're so silly. ha ha.  We can't eat pizza for breakfast.  What about some oatmeal."
Jaden: "no oh-meal.  Den like a pitzah" (giggle giggle - obviously because he now knows that is silly).

On and on we go and guess what.  Jaden ate pizza for breakfast.

I had plans to go to a mom's Bible study this morning at a local church.  But, Jaden was still sleeping when it was time to leave and since he just got over the flu I decided to let him sleep.  He did wake up with plenty of time to go to storytime at the library though.

So, I asked him.
Mommy: "Jaden, would you like to go to storytime at the library?  We can read fun books, make a craft, and play."
Jaden: "no tahnk oo."
Mommy: "But it will be fun and today they are reading books about popcorn. (He LOVES popcorn).
Jaden: "no thank oo.  Den pay dump truck, mommy house."

And there you have it.  At least for the morning we are homebodies!

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  1. It's wonderful that he is so polite about his preferences!