Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just in Case...

Just in case you aren't bored yet. Here are a few videos from our CA adventures!

Here is Jaden having a great time with the FREE toy - a plastic cup from the airplane! He kept throwing his toys on the floor but this one entertained him for awhile so we took with us as we exited the plane!

Enjoying the waves at the beach - although the water was WAY too cold to get in (it felt like ICE hitting your feet!)

Playing in the sand...Jaden had fun although I think he must have thought the texture was really strange. For the most part we kept him from getting it in his mouth.

Of course, then he tipped over and got it all over his face anyway!


  1. Love the videos and also the slideshow! Jaden is becoming such a big boy! Give him a big hug from us.

  2. I do love the videos! it's so funny what little ones will do and put in their mouths!! hehehehee...i'm glad he seemed to like the sand so much. Much more than the grass!!

    he does look so different in the cup video. i'm not sure what exactly. maybe his cheeks have more chub to them? or more defined? i can't put my finger on it. :)

    oh, and from the previous post, i can't get enough of seeing him in that tie shirt! hehehee....where did you ever find such a thing? he looks like a little man in it. :D

    thanks for the smiles. :)


  3. I love all of them!! What fun firsts to catch on the camera! And yes, I do agree that the best toys are often free. I remember when Keely's favorite toy was a toothpaste box with a bobby pin in it. She would shake that thing forever! It's so fun to see you guys through here. We miss you so much! Love ya!