Thursday, July 17, 2008

BIG NEWS of the Day

Jaden rolled from his back to his front today. I didn't even see it but when I looked once he was on his back and when I looked again, he was on his front in hot pursuit of today's favorite toy - the Desetin box!!! We'll see if sometime soon we can get that captured on camera but here is the after picture! Here is a bit more of what we've been up to in Southern CA!
Ahhhhh.....sunny weather without ROASTING in the heat! Southern CA is pretty nice!
Since we're staying in a dorm with only showers and we could only bring two suitcases on the plane we're having to be creative for bathtime. Jaden is WAY TOO BIG for bathing in such a small sink but h wasn't fond of the shower so we have had to make do. He seems to be enjoying it up close and personal with the baby in the mirror!
On Sunday we went to church and were surprised to see Peter Brakke who volunteered at the mission one summer before we were married. It as great to see him because it was such a surprise and we hadn't seen him since our wedding!
He lives by the beach so we got to walk on the boardwalk, watch people fish on the pier at Newport Beach, eat a yummy lunch, and enjoy the sun.
Daddy has been studying and reading a lot and Jaden is always very interested n books and papers...
But sometimes you just need to do some hands on reading yourself!
Jaden has been sitting up and balancing much better but, he is still a little wobbly. Since the floor in the dorm where we are staying is so hard I put pillows all around him so he could play on his own but wouldn't bonk his head too hard if he tipped over. He has a good time "going fishing" for the toys that fall in the cracks!

I'll work on posting some videos later!


  1. Wow you guys are really adventurous staying in a dorm room! We just spend a week at summer camp and stayed in a cabin and that was hard enough. We found an inflatable safety duck tub by munchkin which folds up to a box 9" x 3" x 3" -- Marco plays in his during the day too. Maybe you should check it out for your next trip.

  2. I just love the picture of him in the pillows! He looks like he's totally bummed that he's stuck!

  3. hi chica!

    wow, how long are you going to be in california? talk about a great getaway! :D

    i think it's great that you are making do with what you have to work with. you could only bring 2 suitcases? that's insanity! especially with a little one. you are a brave, brave momma. ;)

    How exciting that Jayden rolled over! You'll have to keep a close on eye on him. He'll do it right when turn your back to him. hehehehe....

    He looks so cute reading along with his daddy! and then, taking the time to read by himself. What a cutie pie!

    Hugs and kisses to you both. well, stephen too then i suppose. ;)

    take care and thanks for the updates.