Saturday, November 24, 2007

Winter is Here!!!

Well, who would have thought that it would snow more in EL PASO than in MINNESOTA!!!!! This morning Stephen and I woke up and I opened the door to let dogs out and I couldn't believe my eyes! It was SNOWING!!!!!! And, some had already accumulated. It started to get harder and harder. Actually, the dogs took one look out the door and went back to their pillow. They are NOT cold weather dogs!

Here is a picture of our house and yard this morning.
Keep in mind, this was already by 8:30am.

It's actually been snowing ALL DAY! Now, the only times I've ever seen snow in El Paso is in the days right around Christmas. And usually, it might snow during the day, but mostly at night or in the early morning hours and everything melts by noon. However today it hasn't hardly stopped! I think there were 2 or maybe 3 hours this afternoon where it let up but, tonight it's going nuts again! Word has it that this is supposed to continue all day tomorrow! I have a feeling there won't be a lot of people at church in the morning!

I have noticed something about myself today. I STILL don't like the cold (I really never have even though spending most of my years in the frozen tundra.) However, when I was driving today, the snow was falling, and a Christmas song came on the made me smile and it felt just PERFECT! Hmmm...I don't know how I'm going to reconcile that - a desire for snowy weather to make it feel like Christmastime and a hatred of being cold....

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  1. Let it snow! Let it snow Let it snow! I'm jealous.
    Please make a snow angel or throw a snow ball and think of us here in Phoenix.