Friday, November 2, 2007

A Haloween Like I Have Never Seen

I think that the art of trick or treating has lost something. Or maybe, I just have different childhood memories!

This year we were at Stephen's parent's house during the evening in Haloween. Apparently their neighborhood is VERY popular for trick-or-treaters. It appears that they drive to their neighborhood from other areas to go walking around the neighborhood. I'm pretty sure that this is the case because I have been at their house a LOT and it's not all that often that you see kids out in the neighborhood (even on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!) However, on Halloween I don't think you could even COUNT the numbers!

Jeanette had 160 miniature bags of microwave popcorn and we had brought over 3 big bags of candy. All of this was GONE by 7pm. I ran out to the store and bought 7 more bags of candy almost all of the with 40 pieces each. We filled up a box with candy and the first time there was a knock at the door (after we turned the lights back on) we were SURPRISED to open the door to find a line of trick-or-treaters that stretched from the door to the street (about 30 feet away)! We stood there with the box of candy putting treat after treat in pumpkins and bags with the line STILL reaching to the street for TEN WHOLE MINUTES at least!!!!!!!!!! One after another! At least there were still kids that actually SAID trick-or-treat by the time they got to the front however, some just hold their bag open and walked away. I don't know - to me there is something lost if you don't have to knock on the door and something MORE lost if you don't even have to SAY trick-or-treat! Standing in line for candy on Halloween - it's just not the same!

Of course, it was easier on us to just stand there until we ran out of candy than to get up from whatever else we were doing every 3 minutes when someone came to the door!

The worst part was, when we ran out of candy AGAIN we turned ALL the lights off in the house and when another knock at the door and the words "Trick-or-Treat" rang out, we almost didn't let Stephen's dad in because we thought he was a candy seeker!!!! :-)