Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend in Colorado

This weekend we went to Colorado Springs for a friend's wedding. We had a good time although it was kind of a long drive to make (10.5 hours up on Friday, 9 hours down on Sunday, and the last 3 hours on Monday) in just one weekend. We took a few pictures of our adventure but none while in the car!

We got to see the beginning of the Aspens changing colors. I guess in this part of Colorado the majority of the deciduous trees are Aspens so there aren't tons of fall colors, just beautiful yellows. We had to go pretty high into the mountains to see them, but the places where they were changing colors were well worth it. Especially with the sun shining the yellows were brilliant!
Stephen and I with a pretty view
Here's Tiffany and I - (thanks for taking us with you!)

I also had to buy a new dress to wear to the wedding. I think it is going to make up the "dressy" portion of my pregnancy wardrobe but, at least I actually like it! It didn't even make me look too pregnant this weekend (except when sitting!). We'll see how it fits in another 3 weeks at Lanae's wedding!
Here's me and my handsome hubby!