Friday, September 7, 2007

Adelante Music Ministry Banquet

So, if anyone of you talked to me much around the middle of August you know that we were VERY busy planning our first EVER Adelante Music Ministry Banquet. I guess we finally decided that after 6 years of working REALLY hard, all our guys deserved a big party. We planned it in a REALLY short time but, as ALWAYS happens, God brought together the right people with the right talents and blessings to make everything happen smoothly and successfully. And everyone had a GREAT time! Many people made donations to make the night possible (including things like letting us use the hall for next to nothing, free helium, using their serving trays, etc. , etc. etc.). I think everyone had fun

Some of the girls from the Mariachi and I had SPECIAL fun the day before the banquet. Jeanette Heimer and I baked 640 cupcakes and the girls and I decorated them ALL. Boy, were we SICK of smelling frosting after that! Here are a few pics of our adventure.

Aren't our cupcakes pretty?!?!?!

Alyssa & Elexus decorating away!

Rebecca & Alyssa showing off their handiwork

Don't they look great?!?!?! (both the girls and the cupcakes silly!)

Here is the hall - simple decorations but it looked nice.

Jeanette & Karl (Stephen's parents) and Ralph (Pres. of YLM Human Care and long time church member and friend) enjoying the great food and festivities.

Mariachi Isai is a family group that got started taking classes with us in 2002 and now performs all over the place on their own. They blessed us with their musical talents and received an award ~Light of the World ~ for consistent proclamation of the Gospel for all that they do.

Here is a picture of all of the members of Mariachi San Pablo (minus their trajes (uniforms) of course!)

All in all, a very fun night. It was about time for a big celebration!!!!


  1. That lookslike SO much fun! You all deserve a nice party, to honor your members, your music AND your glorious GOD! It looks like you did it all.

    I miss you all SO much -- can't wait to see everyone again in November. In the meantime, keep praising HIM. With much love to you all, Carol

  2. It looks like all the good things meaning the parties happen while Im gone, this is no fair I think Im coming back. ;-)!

    Looks like you all had alot of fun, I really do wish I could have been there, but hey I guess things happen the way they do for a reason.

    Well take care miss you much and I will see you all soon. Love,

  3. I want a cupcake!!! Those look sssoooo good!!!!