Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

So, a few weeks before Halloween we went to the pumpkin patch.

Jaden was SO excited about this adventure because we had been reading books about pumpkins. He couldn't stop talking about going to the pumpkin patch. In fact, a month later, he STILL hasn't stopped talking about it! He wants to go back! Maybe next year we'll have to go TWICE!

First we rode the "hayride" (with no hay) out to the field.
There were rows and rows of pumpkins, Jaden didn't know where to begin exploring.
Sitting on them helps to test them out you know.
Pumpkin preggo daddy.
It didn't take Jaden long to find HIS pumpkin

Some of these are ours, some (the big giant one) Grandma H's
Checking out the ones others had brought in from the field and decided not to take home.
Then, there was the giant "pillow" jumping balloon! I had never seen anything like this - fun - but kind of difficult for a 2 yr old! Daddy had to help him on becuase there was no way mommy was getting on a giant, inflated, bouncing floor!
Fun romping

We didn't make it into the corn maze that is also at the pumpkin patch. It was a bit too dark and we hadn't brought flashlights. But, daddy and Jaden took a few trips through the toddler sized hay bale maze by the light of cell phone. Of course, one hay bale took Jaden by surprise and knocked him over face first. Oops!

Back at home with our picks! Can you tell the guys are proud of their GIANT WHITE pumpkin!!?!?! Isn't it tough!

A few days later my hubby got some beautiful flowers for me and we had this fun fall display for weeks!
The giant white pumpkin got lovingly patted every day with words of affirmation like "this is the best pumpkin ever," "what a COOL pumpkin," etc. It currently still lives on but has moved to Grandma H's house where it awaits it's destiny under the knife. Poor pumpkin!

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