Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cool Baby Cakes

We've been so blessed even before the arrival of our baby girl.

The church Stephen is serving a vicarage at threw us a beautiful and sweet baby shower - best unique part - the reading of the book "I'll Love You Forever" that had EVERY mom in the room shedding tears.
Some of our dear friends threw us a baby shower full of fun games, creative decorations, YUMMY food, and LOTS of love - funniest/grossest part - a game where diapers full of "poop" (aka melted candy bars) are passed around and guests have to try to guess the most kinds of candy bar correctly. GROSS - but it is pretty funny to see everyone sniffing poopy looking baby diapers and TRYING not to make funny faces!
We hear there is another shower in the works for us at our home church that we never get to go to anymore but still have lots of friends at.
And, someone else brought us another cute baby cake.

I could share with you pictures from the showers but, let's be honest.
1. I'm just trying to catch up with some blogging before I have TWO little cuties to post about.
2. Have YOU seen even a Halloween costume blog yet??!?!?!?!??! That sort of seems like a requirement from a blogger mom of a kid, don't you think?
3. Who, besides the momma-to-be's mom really wants to look at a bunch of pics of opening presents and table decorations anyway!??!

So - here, at least, are the cool baby cakes we've gotten to eat!

From the 1st shower at our vicarage church - homemade by a member. Note - the blue cake on the right is the "big brother cake" and BOY oh BOY was Jaden super excited that he got his very own!

Shower #2 cake - I believe from Sam's - a cupcake cake. SO cute! I had not seen one like this! And, if you love frosting, THIS is the kind of cake for you! BOY do they lather it on!

Another cake made by a friend. Super cute! And SOOOOOO yummy - a bit coconut, a bit pineapple...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Don't you love the booties?
Jaden did!
Under the frosting they were made of giant marshmallows held together with toothpicks - that surprised Stephen a bit when he went to bite off the top of one and had a WEIRD texture!!!

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