Friday, September 24, 2010

Pretend Car Wash

Since Jaden LOVES cars AND playing with water and bubbles I knew this activity would be a HIT when I saw it here.

We set up a pretend car wash with stations for the cars to
- get "dirty"
- be washed and scrubbed with soap
- rinsed with clean water
- dried off

It didn't turn out exactly that way in the end - but he did have fun!

Getting the cars "dirty"
Beginning to scrub them
Dipping them and scrubbing them in the soapy waterrinsing and using the rag
continuing to scrub - even in the drying position

What you need:
- some foam vehicle shapes. I cut mine out of foam sheets by making an imprint with some truck shaped cookie cutters I had.
- washable markers for getting the trucks "dirty"
- a few bowls/tubs for soapy water and rinsing water
- a few items to clean with. We used an old toothbrush, a scrubber and a washcloth
- a few towels for spills. I put one down on the table and a few down on the floor.

While I thought this activity would last for a LONG time, it only held interest less than 10 minutes. But, we played with the shapes again at bathtime and we have them for another day!

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