Monday, September 13, 2010

Mariachi San Pablo - Tour NE 2010

What seems like eons ago now we went on yet another long trip of the summer with Mariachi San Pablo. This time the tour was to Nebraska. For me, one of the BEST things was that several members of my family were able to come see the group play because it was at least a LITTLE closer to home. Only one family member other than my parents had ever seen the group anywhere except our wedding! It was SO good to see all of them even though I was SO BUSY the whole time they were there I didn't get to see MUCH of them! That also means I hardly have any pictures of them because I was SO DARN BUSY the whole time they were around! They were a HUGE help in taking care of Jaden so I could run sound, helping at our sales table, and running our exhibit booth at a simultaneous convention and I dearly love and appreciate EACH of them.

Since I'm TOTALLY playing blog-catch-up still I didn't put tons of time into this slideshow - just the basics of some of our adventures.

The gist -
16 days
2600+ miles
16 performances
for 2000+ people
in interesting places like - churches, parks, nursing homes, trailer park, parking lot, state penitentary, and meat packing plant.

Here are the pics!

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  1. I think baby girl Heimer will fit in quite nicely with the Heimer Munchkin family :) Thanks for sharing!