Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turning Two

This year Jaden wanted to help make his birthday cake.
I guess you could call it a cake.
Ice cream cake.

You see. I like to bake cakes. My problem is, my hubby isn't really a cake fan. So far, it seems neither is my son. Every time Jaden sees a cake he gets really excited and keeps talking about cake. Then, he takes a bite. Sometimes he swallows it never to return for a second. Sometimes, he spits it right out.

That makes baking a birthday cake a dilemma. I figure, the cake should be FOR the person who is having a birthday, right?

I had lots of dreams for creating a super cute birthday cake. I had settled on this one
Choo-Choo Train Cake
but decided, if he wouldn't eat it, what would the point be?

Daddy loves triple berry pie - so at one point I was almost convinced Jaden came up with that suggestion on his own.
But, when I was talking to him about his birthday and asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said "hi-ceam cake?"

So - there you have it. I guess I'll have to bake birthday cakes for myself!

We made a peanut butter rice krispie bottom. Jaden helped pour the things in the bowl (he was NOT a fan of sticky corn syrup OR Peanut butter and for a moment I thought all hope was lost in him actually eating it after knowing what was in it!

He did have fun spreading it in the pan though
Celebrating with some presents
And, the finished cake. Chocolate on top of vanilla. Complete with trucks, ice cream boulders and M&M rocks.
Boy was he excited.
He went STRAIGHT for the M&M's.
And you know what...he never did eat the cake (or ice cream). The M&M's were enough.

But hey - it was cute!

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