Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Games

I saw this idea on another blog and thought Jaden might like it too.

I traced the outline of some kitchen utensils (although I wished I had larger paper) and set him to matching.
He LOVED an excuse to play with the things mommy cooks with!
Don't ask me what the black thing is though! I just found it in the drawer and it fit on the paper. Any ideas?

I've also been trying to be a bit more deliberate about transferring activities.
Beans have been a favorite.
I put out rice yesterday. He had fun with that too - until he tried to eat some. For some who have commented on how their kids would eat things like that.....
Well, we talked about how it wasn't cooked so we couldn't eat it. And, I knew it wouldn't injure him if he tried it. He played with it off and on most of the day before he tried to eat some. And....he realized QUICKLY that it doesn't taste good!
I guess this falls under the idea of letting your kids make decisions when the consequences are "affordable" (a book I'm reading) or allowing them opportunity to discover without trying to protect them from everything. (a reading/discussion blog I'm following).

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  1. Every time Camille washes her hands with a bar of soap she tastes the bar and says "Ucky." I'm wondering how long the soap tasting is going to last before she gives up. For now, she just thinks its a funny game!