Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Central TX

For Oma's funeral we made the long trek to Central TX. While it was a sad time, there was also a lot of joy. All of Stephen's brothers and sisters were able to come and it was the first time in a LONG time that we got to see a few of them. (Stephen's brother and wife had never even met Jaden although their kids had come to "grandparent camp" when he was a baby).

Of course, there is nothing better than sun, fresh spring air, and COUSINS!

After lunch the boys had to play in the drainage canal (dry of course)
Boy was it fun to run up and down that steep ramp
Jaden playing ball with Grandma H

We stayed in Oma's house. It has been mostly empty since she came to live with Stephen's parents although they had been there a few times to fix odds and ends. Stephen's sister and uncle spent a lot of time getting it ready for us to come.
And here Jaden had to help daddy and grandpa tidy up before the other cousins arrived
Playing games
all the cousins (plus Stephen's uncle's grandkids........I don't know what those are called! In my family I still call them cousins!)
Silly boy, silly mommy
Not maybe the BEST picture of the three of us....
Stephen's sister Laura's family
Stephen's sister Teri's family
Stephen's sister Angela's family
Stephen's brother Philip's family
Mom, Dad, bros and sisses......never a dull moment
a shot at getting everyone.....
there was a photographer....
hopefully his are better!
chillaxin' with a tootsie pop (having newly discovered candy I think this one might be an addict!)
checking out the river

telling stories
walking (running) home
playing at the park
and even a tractor to ride (don't tell the construction company working on the courthouse!)
Oma's house with SERIOUSLY the COOLEST TREE in front of it
doesn't it just SCREAM to you - CLIMB ME!!!

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