Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes, We Are Alive

It has been a LONG while since I've updated this blog. My husband says that he keeps checking it to see if there is anything new going on in our lives! :-)

Well, let's just say I'm a bit behind.

But, today is the day....I'm putting away Christmas decorations.'s nearly February and blogs everywhere are detailing the VALENTINE'S activities they are doing with their kids. But me.....I'm putting away Christmas - finally!

So, while I pack boxes and have NON-Christmas music blaring from my Ipod (at least when I go over and skip the Christmas songs that come up on random because I haven't deleted them yet), I figured I could work on uploading a few photos. We'll see how far I get! So far Jaden's been at Grandma's for 3 hours and I have at least 2 more boxes to get finished - then the cleaning and the re-decorating!

In coming days look for a "stream of consciousness" post. I have a few friends that have been doing that as a way to keep track of their thoughts and impressions of their busy lives with kids (cause really, WHO has time to write in a journal!). And, hopefully LOTS more pictures.

Of course, we're getting ready for Birthday # TWO this week. just keeps marching on! Enjoy the parade!

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