Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Question for My Readers

Have any of you ever had a toddler who throws a FIT every time you try to put his shoes on?

What did you do? How can you get the to wear shoes out without major drama every day?

I appreciate your input!


  1. Good Luck.

    In my limited experience with our son doing stuff like this, there really isn't a good way to go about it. Eventually, the fad wears off and shoes are ok again.

    One thing you might try is to take him to walmart or somewhere you can pick up some cheap shoes and let him pick his own out. Sometimes the self choice can be the catalyst for it being ok. sometimes.

    Connor is almost 4 now, and he still does this sorta stuff, so let's hope it ends eventually.

  2. We go back and forth.
    My husband's trick is to "listen" to the shoes as they "tell" him which pair wants to be worn that day.
    My way is to put out one pair of shoes, then when it is time to go give Noah a list like "Put on your coat, your shoes and your backpack". Then I will get ready while reminding him of what is on the list and wait by the door if needed until he is ready. Once or twice I've opened the door like I was leaving and that was enough encouragement to get the shoes on.
    Our biggest problem though is that he wants to wear his shoes in the house (a taboo in Japan) and he loves to wear his yellow rain boots all the time. I also know that he can put on/take off all of his shoes by himself but he usually won't do it if we are asking him to.
    2 things you could try are making picture cards of the routine for going out the door and putting them by the coats/shoes so he sees the order or letting him choose from 2 pairs of shoes which he wants to wear for the day.
    Good Luck!

  3. Camille's fit throwing these days is caused by putting on her coat. So most of the time, when she's throwing a fit, I don't put it on her. Unless it's less than 10 degrees outside. Then I pin her down and get the coat on her. Otherwise she goes out (usually just to the car or back) without a coat on and gets really cold.

    When she used to constantly take her shoes off in the car I would sometimes make her walk outside (short distance) in just her socks or bare feet. Again, though, not when it's really cold out.