Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas Decorating

Jaden had a GREAT time helping decorate the tree this year.His favorite (and mine) were the crocheted decorations my Grandma had made (and my mom had given me). To keep things simple we just put the stars in the little tree rather than use ornament hangers or string.
Every once in awhile throughout the day I would hear an "Oh NO" from Jaden. He'd coming running to me with a star in his hand saying "tar." I'd tell him he could go put it back on the tree. After a few days, I noticed that ALL the stars were in one little clump on the tree!

He also had fun hanging the umbrellas, wreaths and candy canes on the bottom of the big tree. Of course, every once in awhile I'd have to readjust the "clumps" there too.

Here's our homemade style Christmas tree. Almost all handmade decorations.
Sadly, I didn't get around to taking pictures of all of our other decorations in the various rooms (and the wrapped presents on the wall) but...there's always next year.

In looking through my photos I also realize (sadly) that I didn't get a picture of Jaden playing with this nativity set. I had set it up on the shelf above my desk but, he kept trying to climb up the chair and over the roll-top to get to it. So, we moved it down to playing level. He had a good time playing with the characters. MORE fun than with the Fisher Price nativity scene.

Of course - THIS arrangement was not done by a near 2 year old.......
This is the work of the daddy! (note the dinosaur behind Mary and the pig and cow!

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