Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, I didn't get too many pictures of this event. But, you can see a bit about the actual quinceanera and a bit of it's history here, thanks to my friend Luz, who was also there.

I was pretty captivate by my crazy, adorable son who was
1) enthralled by the band 2) a crazy, dancing machine long before anyone else was on the dance floor. (you know, every party/dance you go to, there is ONE KID who is running out onto the floor having the time of his life, in his own little world, completely oblivious to the fact that everyone is watching him. YUP...that's MY kid!)

3) trying to eat EVERY strawberry put out for use with the chocolate fountain before they were gone (sorry, no picture here)

And...because Luz didn't post one on her blog and I told her she had is a pic of her dancing with Pastor H (aka Grandpa H)
Ahh....what the hay - - - here's one more!

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  1. i love, love, love quinceaneras. thanks for posting about it. i'm glad your little man had such a great time. i'm sure i'd be one of those who were just watching him from the tables. :) j is so cute!! i can't wait for emma to be 15 so i can give her a quinceanera, if she will even want one. :) and of course, you'll be invited! maybe j can be one of her escorts!! wouldn't that be something?