Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From Desert Flowers to....

Catching up with friends Playing for a High School chapel in Mayer, MN
We got to visit the MN Arboretum. Truly beautiful. I was surprised at how many flowers were already in bloom! J loved the little train ride.

Isn't this just cute?
Seriously cool tulips!

J trying to decide if he was going to throw the rock into the fountain or not.

Seriously thinking.... (or maybe it was him telling us that he was hungry - you decide)
Playing the game he invented - "Tip Over Off Daddy's Shoulder's While Laughing Hysterically"

J's new favorite activity - climbing stairs

With Grandpa K

Helping Grandpa K out be rearranging the rocks in the yard
I have many more Nothern adventures to share....but you'll have to check back!

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