Tuesday, May 5, 2009


J LOVES to be outside. I mean LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside. This chair was a great gift (for his birthday) because now that he loves to climb on things, he gets in and out of it all on his own. It is so cute to see him sitting there, just chillin! Saturday, we let him go out into the backyard while we were getting things ready to leave home. When we looked out, he was sitting in his chair, watching the birds. (He now signs "bird" too!) Of course, once we got out the camera he was interested in us....and the rock he had picked up (another of his favorite things) oh well!

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  1. emma is the same way. she loves to be outside!! she spent a good hour the other day, just opening and closing our balcony door. she'd go inside, and then outside, and then repeat. ;) it was very sweet. she would giggle (out of delight) when she was on the outside of the door.

    i love j's chair. kid versions of adult things are the best. especially for the kids! then they can be just like mom and dad. :)