Friday, May 1, 2009

An Impromptu Mini-Vacation

Well, Tuesday morning we noticed that there was a Pastor's conference that Stephen and his dad had planned on going to and we had just forgotten. We decided to throw everything together in the car and head out even though we would be late. So, for an hour we frantically ran around the house gathering the necessities, taking out the garbage, and finding some food. By the time we made it on the road Stephen finally got a call back from someone who knew the schedule and we determined that we wouldn't make it to the conference in time for ANY of the activities that day. The half day of activities the next day didn't really make the 6 hour drive worth it so we decided not to go. However, since we had already packed and were in the car, we decided to head out of town anyway. Instead of driving 6 hours, we just went 1 1/2 into the nearby mountains for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

We didn't take a ton of pics - but here are a few....

We found a little local restaurant for dinner and while we were waiting for our food J had fun checking out the video games (that didn't work) Since the bussing cart was right next to it, he decided that he needed to use the rag to clean it too.
Here is our hotel - called "The Lodge." Their info talks about their "resident ghost" who THANKFULLY we didn't see. (Although, every time I woke up that night I was praying that I didn't see something that would freak me out!) It was a neat little place, very homey, Victorian style. Not exactly kid friendly - but J did have fun with the tic-tac-toe wooden game they had out in the lobby.
J enjoying his breakfast buffet on the bed.
Trying to feed Daddy dandylions. Grandpa K - J can help you get rid of yours when we are there...he LOVES to pick the flowers! (Grandma K, you're going to have to be careful of the rest of the ones you've planted by the back patio!)
"The Lodge" had a tower that you could get the key to visit. I don't know what was super special about the tower - but it had a nice view. Here's J with the special key. He DID love climbing the stairs though!
After we found some good coffee (thanks to a local coffee shop - not the hotel!) We drove a little ways out into the mountains to be among the trees. No serious hiking for us - just a change of pace.

J enjoyed climbing on the fallen down tree with Daddy.

And, his favorite wilderness activity was throwing pinecones and rocks down the side of the hill and watching them roll!

All in all.....a nice little escape. Next time we'll plan it, maybe camp, or at least know what our options are. But, at any was good to just get away and be together!

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