Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where does everything go???

In the MOUTH of course...

Jaden's adventures today consisted of putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! I have my suspicions that in additiom to his two top teeth that are barely poking their way through, he is also working on another bottom one. I think so because he keeps feeling it with his tongue and he has an excessive amount of drool again. Also, EVERYTHING is going in the mouth these days.

Here is a running photo log of Jaden's dventures today. The pics focus on just couple of objects but, what was I going to do....follow him around with a camera all day???

First - the handle of the toy wagon...

From the outside his mouth looks deceivingly small. Who would have thought he would get the WHOLE handle in his mouth...and enjoy it immensly

Ahh..a break - look a phone! One of my other favorite things!!!

Oh, of course - that goes in the mouth too!

Back to the handle - boy this sure is a good fit!

Finally, after a long day of play....a pizza crust! MY FIRST PIZZA!!!

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