Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Week of Fun

I hope you like pictures! That's really what everyone looks at a blog for anyway, right? Please PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong!!!! If so, I'll TRY to come up with something more interesting!!

We've had a bit of a busy week. One of Stephen's sisters and her 6 kids have been here all week so we've been hanging out with them, trying to work, get ready to leave for Utah and Minnesota, and still get a good night's rest!

Here are a few pictures to catch up and then our recent adventures...

I just think this guy is the cutest sleeping or awake!

Yes, he does PLAY in his crib....although sleeping is still questionable! He is doing better though! Thanks to Ed & Carol for this FUN toy! He loves the music, bubbles, and the buttons to spin and push.
Walking around with cousin Matthew. - Jaden has been giving EVERYONE in the family their exercise!
Aunt Laura with Joshua AND Jaden! What an ARMFUL!
Over the weekend we went to the "Festival of Nations" where the kids got to play some games and Kate got to jump on this really cool bungee trampoline thing!
Jaden hung out in the stroller and eventually took a nap.

Is it just me, or does he TOTALLY look like a Kludt in this picture???

Jaden climbs on anything these days, chairs, trumpet cases, the name it, if its on the floor its fair game!

I moved his toybox out from its hiding place next to the couch and I think this is a much better deal. It might mean I have to pick a few more things up but, he is REALLY entertained with standing up and looking in, taking things out, and even occasionally putting them back in!

We went to Peter Piper Pizza and Jaden and Joshua had a great time "driving!"

Jaden also went on his first Carosel Ride.

Then Bonnie and Kate came over to our house and we made "scaredy cakes." We made a LOT, so they were decorating them FOREVER!

Aren't they cute?

Jaden had a good time hanging out in the high chair and playing on the floor while they worked!

Here's a video of Jaden's new skill - clucking his tongue.


  1. Hey Krysia! I love the pictures and I can't wait to see you and the little guy next weekend. He looks like a TON of fun. Glad you had a good time with your family. Love ya and see you soon!

  2. I love the pictures! They are usually one of the major highlights of my day!!
    Alex and I are excited to see you soon!

  3. I agree with the others! Love the pics -- keep them coming!