Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Discovery

Jaden found a new thing to chew on yesterday!
Yup - that's right - daddy's ear! OUCH!!!!!!!!
Today I noticed that his 5th tooth has broken through! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????? TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Interesting new teether you found there... too bad you can't get a patent and sell it! It looks like the little guys really enjoys it!

  2. Haha! That is so funny! What a cutie. Can't wait to see you guys!

  3. Fortunately the ear recovered ;-)

  4. oh my! what a choice of teethers! man, that looks like it hurts!!

    i can't believe another tooth broke through!!

    how has your little man been, otherwise? fussy? drooling? or has he been teething really well?

  5. So Jaden pierced Stephen's ear, uh? Now Stephen can get an earring! Can't wait to hang out with your kid!