Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Sorry there are a lot of pictures in this post (although I'm guessing you don't mind!). I couldn't decide which ones to keep and which ones to eliminate, so I just kept them all! I just think my kiddo has a million cute faces!

Last week Jaden was really funny one morning and I was trying to get a picture of his CRAZY hair!

Here he came after me and the camera!

On Friday Stephen had the day off and we decided to go out for a walk. Jaden wanted to walk too (at least for a while before preferring to ride in the stroller!) His old hat was too small and it was a little sunny so Daddy lent Jaden his! A bit too big - but totally cute! (Quin, do you remeber giving me that hat?)

Revving up and gaining speed!

Mommy's turn! We have to trade off - bending over like that can really give your back muscles a workout!

Aren't I cool?
On Saturday and Sunday the Mariachi group played before and during intermission for a Bruce Nehring Consort concert at the Loretto Chapel. It is a BEAUTIFUL church (although you can't tell too much from the narthex!) Jaden enjoyed listening and, of course, started clapping on Alabare!
Since Stephen had many responsibilities with at the church over the weekend, he played with the mariachi before the concert and during intermission, and he was asked to join the choir singing his voice (and body) was TIRED by the end of the weekend. He was going nonstop talking and singing Sat from about 9-9 and Sun from 8-7! This morning, Jaden was restless but tired too. He couldn't fall back to sleep until Daddy picked him up, wrapped him up, and snuggled him good! I think this baby likes to cuddle! ;-)
Today Jaden got good and messy while eating lunch and dinner. He is starting to want to handle the spoon himself. It's pretty funny, since he doesn't quite understand yet that it has to go in his mouth right side up! (Luz, note - he IS wearing the Converse sneakers!)

And here is a little video of him in action! Supper went a bit more smoothly, but he was still REALLY messy! ;-)


  1. hey chica!

    you're right. i don't mind all the pictures!! :D

    you little guy, i know i say it all the time, is SO cute!! his onesie is right on. ;)

    i can't believe he's already to the walking stage. how excellent! once he really gets going, you are going to have your hands full!! hahahaa...

    he's so funny, trying to handle a fork!! and you are trying to guide it in for him and it just flew everywhere..heeheh...too funny.

    It's so cute that he's a snuggley baby. awww...

    so, what have you cooked lately? :) you need to add more food photos! :) :) :)

    take care chica.

  2. Those Converse look adorable! I can't wait to get back to El Paso and babysit. I want to be your official baby-sitter for when you and Stephen want some couple time. Yes, I am moving back to El Paso before this year is over.

  3. Ok, the picture with his hat turned backward is just too much! What a heartbreaker!!! I cannot wait to see you guys and kiss those chubby cheeks (of Jaden's of course!) :)

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