Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Sunny Sunday

Here are a couple of pictures of Jaden in his Sunday best!
(a new outfit from Grandma K)!

Grandma even gets a smile!
Well, tomorrow will be Jaden's 8 week birthday. I can't believe it! He's starting to "talk" more. He has found his fist and really enjoys trying to put ALL of it in his mouth (although he only seems to have found the right one). He likes to put the few toys he can hang onto into his mouth too. He is also thinking about getting ready to roll over. He'll get himself way up on his side but can't quite make it over the shoulder. Last night I put him in his bassinet on the far left side somehow he managed to roll onto his right side and scoot himself all the way over to the right side almost with his face up against the edge. He sure is a wiggler.
I started working this last week. I am finding that it is hard to even get 20 hours of work inbetween feeding, diaper changes, and keeping Jaden happy. Somehow I need to figure out how to get faster at things. Also, now that I'm LESS tired I think these life changes are starting to take their toll on me. Stephen and I have been very blessed since we've been married to live and work in the same place. Pretty much EVERYTHING that we have done, we have done together. Many times we'd be at the office and we'd both be working on different things but, we'd be in the same place, have lunch together, chat about something or work on something together every now and then. I'm finding that being away from him almost all day almost every day isn't all that fun. We're going to have to figure that one out too.

There are a FEW things that we have figured out. We know that Jaden likes his swing (MOST of the time). We know that Jaden tends to like to do things only for about 20 minutes (so that's about all the longer blanket play time can last before he has had too much). We know that Jaden likes to be on the move so, don't count on sitting down to watch a TV show while holding a baby! And mostly, we know that even though life brings changes, with them it often brings great joys! In spite of the differences we're experiencing in our everyday lives, we have this wonderful baby boy who is so fun to love and just MELTS you with his smile! We are truly blessed!
One of Jaden and Stephen's new favorite passtimes is to sit out on the patio and watch for birds! Mostly we get pigeons in our yards but, every once in awhile they'll see something else!

Here's a little video of Jaden in the morning. He usually is really smiley and wiggly and . But, of course, once I get out the camera, he mellows a little. Maybe one of these days I'll be fast enough to get his most smiley moments!

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  1. Very cute video! I think he liked the idea of playing all day.