Friday, March 7, 2008

First Birthday as a Mommy

Today we're having a calm celebration. Maybe it's because we were out all day yesterday (I'm starting to understand why moms sometimes say that it's a lot of work to be out running errands!) or maybe I'm becoming more of a homebody but, I just wanted to relax at home with my boys for my birthday rather than be out doing something. We did go out for lunch but, other than that we're just hanging out at home. We're going to have dinner here and hopefully watch a movie a little later. Ahh....hanging out with my boys....the GOOD LIFE!!

No, this wasn't my Birthday present but, isn't he cute? So, the story with the laundry basket is, I used to love to sleep and play in the laundry basket, especially when reading books or listening to records (see below). SO, since Jaden likes to be in the middle of things all of the time, Grandma tried setting him in the laundry basket to sleep so he could still be near us (who needs all of the expensive baby gadgets!). He seems perfectly content to me!

Here's an experiment. I keep hearing that Jaden looks like me, although many many times I see Stephen in him as well. Here are a couple of pictures so that you all can compare for yourselves. I can't find any baby pictures of Stephen young enough but, when Jaden gets a little bigger we'll compare with Stephen's baby pics too!

Tummy time is NOT Jaden's favorite yet. We'll have to work on that. But, despite his dislike for tummy time he does a SUPER job of holding his head up and sitting tall while being burped so, I don't think he's lacking too much for not liking tummy time.
Jaden got his first set of tools from Grandpa before Grandpa had to go home.
Yesterday we took Jaden to the studio to take some 1 month and Baptism pictures. It was a bit of rough going since he woke up hungry not too far into the session. Also, the photographer was the only employee there and had to take phone calls, book appointments, and help a customer re-order in the middle of the session. Overall we got some cute pictures (I'll be able to share them online in about a week) but, by the end he was sick of the whole ordeal. Daddy had a good time comforting him and Jaden promptly fell asleep for a LONG time while mommy and grandma picked out the prints to order.

These are my two favorite boys in the WHOLE UNIVERSE!
Jaden likes to be in different places and positions, moving, looking at different things all of the time. He is liking his bouncer more and more so he hangs out there while we eat sometimes. This was a particularly cute day! (of course, I may be a bit biased!)

So, as you can tell from all of my posts since Jaden was born, I pretty much have a one-track mind. My little guy occupies my days, my nights, and my heart and is about all I find interesting to talk about. Maybe that will become less all-encompassing as the days and nights go on and I'll start finding other things occupying my brain off and on but, for now, you blog readers will have to be happy with baby pics! :-)


  1. I guess I would have to agree that the baby pic of you and Jaden beneath looks REALLY similiar! I miss you guys so much...he's grown already! Have a great day!!!

  2. Hi!

    Late as usual...but CONGRATULATIONS! We are so happy for you, Jaden looks soooo lovely in the pictures, and the parents and the grandparents look tremendously happy! :-)
    CONGRATULATIONS also for your birthday!
    We hadn't forgotten about you, in fact, the last months I (that's me, amelia -hi!-) have been a usual reader of the blog!
    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that a package with a biiiiig letter is on its way ;)!!
    A huge hug,

    Josep, Mercè, Irene and Amelia