Friday, February 1, 2008

Still Not...

Well, today was another Doctor's appointment. I think I might be losing my mind! I went to the Dr. at 8am this morning thinking I was right. However, my appointment wasn't until 2:15pm. Whoops. So, back I went this afternoon.

Good News - the baby still looks GREAT. Strong heartbeat, good reaction to contractions, decent size, plenty of amniotic fluid and the little floaties in the water might just be cells and not scary meconium.

However, since per the Dr.'s calculations next Tuesday is 42 weeks he says that if I still show up for my appointment on Tuesday pregnant we'll be scheduling my induction for that evening. Of course, he says he can't force me, but that bad things can happen after 42 weeks if the placenta were to stop working well.

So...there you have it. An update on where we are at. There's nothing terribly wrong or scary about induction (necessarily) however, I would really prefer to not go there. So....Please join us in praying that we'll see this little guy's face by Tuesday! ;-)
The good news on that end is I keep having contractions and they keep getting more uncomfortable. They just aren't regular yet.

Oh - and we got our rocking chair! Mom joked - maybe the little guy was just waiting around until he knew he could get rocked back to sleep in that really nice chair! And Stephen joked - maybe he just thinks it's still too cold outside! Either way - now we have the chair and this weekend is supposed to be warm. maybe maybe......

Till next time!


  1. Oh, how anxiously we are waiting here in MN!! I think about you CONSTANTLY! Don't worry so much about induction. I was supposed to be induced with Keely and ended up going in on my own, but they still gave me the induction drug cause labor was SO SLOW. It's not that bad, Keely is great and healthy. We all made it! Just focus on keeping the baby safe and healthy, all else will fall into place. Even if you end up with a c-section (which we are praying NOT to happen, just cause it's more hassle for you!) the baby will be safe and the dr's will do what it best. We had to do an exercise like that in birthing class. And no matter what other circumstances were around, (ie. not having your own dr. deliver, ending up with a c-section etc..) having a healthy baby was always #1!

    We are thinking about you guys and praying for you all the time! Please call when you can! Love you lots!

  2. You are in our prayers! Our wait is completely different, but we can relate. Come on baby!

  3. I've been checking your website just about everyday for news about Baby Heimer! You are in our prayers!

  4. I can't wait to see Baby Heimer! I am praying for you two and for Baby Heimer. Can I get pictures as soon as he makes up his mind to join us out here in the real world...

  5. hey chica!

    well, it's feb 9th and still no word. i hope you are well and i cannot wait to see pictures of your little one and details about everything. you keep us posted everyday you can on how you and baby and husband are doing.

    -wishing you all the best